Award winning SEO analyst and digital media producer with specific leadership skills in the following technical, creative and production areas:

  • On-Site Technical SEO (Semantic Markup/Entity Search)
  • Extensive use of structured data for entity disambiguation and prep for machine learning algos
  • Creating content and sites with outstanding query success metrics
  • Design and development of long-click content
  • Google Analytics & Attribution Modeling
  • Automated Workflow and Reporting
  • Digital Media Production & Blogging
  • Keyword Research, Topic & Persona Modeling
  • Social Media Marketing for >700 Clients
  • Managed SEM/PPC teams for two agencies
  • SEO Site Architecture Design & URL Definition
  • Extensive event tracking of site interaction (>1,700 per site)
  • Automated direct marketing campaigns
  • Creative including campaigns, sites, landing pages and games
  • UX and multi-device design and development
  • Agency and client side experience
  • Experience working as an individual contributor, manager and director
  • Management of product design, development, testing and IT
  • Management of designers, artists, programmers, musicians, QA staff, producers

I have had the privilege to work for/with these amazing companies: The Walt Disney Company, Sony, Universal, Dreamworks, Viacom, Johnny Carson and, the Tonight Show, Digital Domain, Pixar, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Western Digital, Virgin, Hewlett Packard, General Motors, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Lego, Mattel, and Fannie Mae.

Please see my Linkedin profile for my complete work history. Here are a few of my accomplishments at my current job:

  • Personally hand SEO optimized over 400 client websites. Tasks included deploying content (approx. 114k words per site), using local SEO best practices, designing and deploying structured data, and integration of up to 100 targeted SEO search signals per page
  • Established custom content sets for dental, orthodontist and legal websites. Dental content includes over eighty pages (1,000 words each) on popular services, procedures, and dentist search, qualification and review keywords. Content was designed and authored with a content siloing and topic modeling focus. Specific attention was made to latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) or the use of synonyms in the content and linking
  • Defined and developed toolset that uses exports from corporate admin for all website and citation development. The net effect was to virtually eliminate human error from the workflow and to reduce the workforce required to complete the tasks by 75%
  • Created SOPs and training materials for every stage of development inclusive of roles, responsibilities, inputs and delivery expectations. Individually trained each team member using the SOP
  • Established content marketing group that has deployed 5.2 million words to date and now deploys 324,000 words per month. Developed tools to ensure accuracy of internal linking, the inclusion of structured data and breadcrumbs on posts, and the creation of contextually appropriate hashtags for social throws